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Shipping Calculator V3.0 (New! Update on 6/10/2011)

This shipping calculator works with oscommerce version 2.3.1


Demo: www.web2ship.com/demo/

login email: support@web2ship.com




a. Integrate shipping services and your shipping rates on your shopping cart.

b. Estimated shipment transit time.

c. Support multiple currency.

d. Real time shipping calculator with fuel surcharge updated monthly.

e. User will be able to add handling fee on top of the shipping fee. (coming soon)


1. Download the zip file here. (9MB)

2. Unzip the file and upload it to your website. Please make sure the directory remain the same structure.

3. Login to your administrator panel and enable web2ship as a shipping method.

4. Key in your username from web2ship.

5. IMPORTANT: In order for multiple currency to work or USD currency to work with our shipping calculator, you need to add Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) as default currency and update the currency exchange rate with other currencies that you offer.

6. In order for the shipping calculator to work, you need to make sure all the countries name in your shopping cart is the same with our destination countries name. A list of the countries in CSV can be download here.

Tips on configurations of your oscommerce shopping cart:

1. Make sure you had set all products' weight base on kg. e.g: 200g will be 0.2kg.

2. Product's weight meaning effective shipping weight; dimension weight or actual weight whichever is higher. You may want to put in the packaging weight as well, or you can setup packaging weight separately.


1. This shipping calculator will not able to check for non serviceable area.

2. This shipping calculator is only valid for web2ship user and shipment origin from Malaysia.

3. This shipping calculator will not able to check for Out of Delivery Area, Extended Area or Remote Area.

4. Destination countries will be base on postal zone and maybe different from political zone.

5. Destination countries which is not available for our service will be showed as service not available.

Shipping Calculator Conditions of Use (COU)

We are not responsible to any issue or loss due to the use of this shipping calculator including and not limited to miscalculation of shipping fee, fuel surcharge and Remote Area. Service is provided on "As is" basis.

Want to show the shipping cost on your website without shopping cart? Just copy and paste the API code below and replace username with your web2ship id and you need to replace the parameters with your delivery details. You might need to get help from your web programmer.